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Batters & Blends

Food Coatings Powder


Premixes are a mix of ingredients designed to be combined other ingredients in a larger process


Batter Wash:

A Batter wash adds moisture to a substrate so that it will pick up more predust. We blend a dry batter wash mix, which can then be hydrated into a low viscosity wash. 



Predusts are used to ensure a better adhesion occurs between the substrate (typically a protein or vegetable) and the batter. Predusts can also be used as a flavour carrier as certain taste flavours may be lost due to the heat from the cooking process in the outer crumb or batter.


Clear Coat Batters:

Clear coat batters are used on french fries in order to improve the crispiness and hold time of the fry and being virtually invisible to detect provides a more enjoyable eating experience for the consumer. Generally starch based, Findlay has developed some interesting Ultra hold options also.

Flour Based French Fry Batters:

Flour based batters for French fries provide for a heavier more visible coating to be applied to the fry in order for more crispiness and enhanced flavour profiles

Adhesion Batters:

​Adhesion batters are used in the coating process as a media between the substrate (e.g. vegetable, seafood, or meat) and the crumb or breading.


The adhesion batter literally acts as an adhesive, giving the exterior coating (typically breadcrumb) something to ‘stick’ to and also offers the opportunity for further development of flavour and seasoning.

Tempura Batter:

The term tempura originates from Japan and refers to a deep fried, light and crispy exterior. It is widely used on vegetables, however it can also be used on proteins such as fish, pork, chicken and beef

Food Coatings Powder Blend

Powder Blends

Findlay Food Coatings can design and blend innovative and individualized recipes for you, our customer.


With our worldwide knowledge of food coatings, our US based Technical team can develop systems to coat all sorts of substrates from Proteins to Vegetables.

We currently produce Premixes, Batter wash, Pre-dusts, Clear Coat, Flour Based French Fry Batters Adhesion and Tempura Batters.


We also have the capability to blend:

  • Marinades

  • Sprinkles

  • Dusts/Rubs

  • Dry Sauce Mixes

  • Dry Soup Mixes

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